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Football is much more than just kicking a ball around the field. Football is an industry in itself with its own celebrities and glamour. Women’s football industy is booming in the present days and part of that success goes to the hottest footballers and their fit bodies. We take a look at 10 hottest female footballers who can very well kick the ball and your heart.

10. Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts is a retired American football player who played most as a full back. She also appeared in the 2005 Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated.

Heather Mitts hot.

Heather Mitts

9. Jonelle Filigno

Jonelle Filigno

25 year old Canadian football player Jonelle Filigno is a footballer with a gorgeous face and an exquisite body. If an attacking midfielder is so attractive, you kind of lose focus from the ball. No wonder she is such a success!

8. Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry

She is a footballer, I swear!

Ellyse Perry made her debut for both the Australian cricket and the Australian national women’s football team at the age of 16. She is a goalscoring defender for the football team and an allrounder for the cricket team. Other than that, she’s into modeling, and has her own TV show called “Football Stars of Tomorrow”. And yeah, she’s hot.

7. Julia Simic

Julia Simic hot.

Julia Simic

She plays for VFl- Wolfsburg and the German National team. She has modeled for the Playboy magazine. She’s great with the ball and has great body. It doesn’t get better (or hotter) than this!

6. Laure Boulleau

Laure Boulleau is a French footballer who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain. Boulleau primarily plays as a defender and is also a member of the French national team.

Laure Boulleau

Laure Boulleau

5. Hope Solo

Hope Solo

Hope Solo

Having two Olympic gold medal and a World Cup gold medal, she’s definitely a keeper. Regarded as one of the best female goalkeepers the game has ever seen, Hope has represented the United States between the posts since 2000.

Hope Solo hot.

Hope Solo, Body Solo

She also has the great athletic body that leaves everyone in awe. She is hands down the hottest female goalkeeper, but some way from being the hottest female footballers. Whatever you do, try not to stare, she has a history of beating up people.

4. Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner is a member of the German Women’s National team which won the U-20 Women’s World Cup in 2010. She plays for VfL Wolfsburg, and has won the Bundesliga and Champions League¬† for 2 consecutive seasons from 2012 to 2014.

She has also appeared in the July/August edition of Playboy Magazine in 2011.

Selina Wagner hot

Selina Wagner

3. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

A young forward for the United States national team which won the 2015 Women’s World Cup, Alex Morgan has an astounding 0.85 goals per game for the national team.

Alexandra Patricia Morgan also featured on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition of 2014, revealing the beautiful body that she kept hidden underneath her jersey when she blasts forward scoring goals. On the pitch she’s a prolific striker, off the field she’s a bomb waiting to blow up. Is she the hottest female footballer?

Hot Sexy Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan from Sports Illustrated

2. Kosovare Asllani

Kosovare Asllani

The legend of Swedish girls is true afterall! Kosovare Asllani is a Swedish footballer who currently plays for Manchester City and the Swedish National team. She is a chief candidate for the title of hottest female footballers. This Scandinavian beauty is said to be the best thing that happened to Sweden after Zlatan.

1. Laisa Andrioli

Laisa Andrioli

Laisa Andrioli

Laisa Andrioli shows what a hot Brazilian goddess really means. She has made the crown of Hottest Female Footballers her own with a lot of sexy photoshoots. Afterall, she’s so hot you won’t find her regular football photos.

Laisa Andrioli hot.

Laisa Andrioli

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